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  • Niyyat
  • Ahram
  • Tawaf e Kabah
  • Safa Marwa


It is one of the most important part of Umrah. If you are traveling from any country for Umrah. You need to do Niyyat before entering into MEEQAT. You need to change your dress into the Ahram. If you going first to Jeddah airport or Makkah.

The airlines before entering into Saudi Arabia announce in the plane that “We are entering into MEEQAT in 20 minutes” This kind of announcement alerts you to change your dress into the Ahram.


It is Sunnah to perform 2 Rakats of Nawafil before wearing Ahram is essential for Umrah. Ahram you can buy it from any near market of yours, now a days United Kingdom had big Islamic stores for Islamic products. Ahram color is white for “Men” its two pieces of white cloth unstitched for men before entering into MEEQAT. Ladies need to do just NIYYAT and Hijab only.


When you enter into Haram you recite “Allahumma Aftah Li Abwabi Rehmatika “meaning “O Allah, open the doors for me thy Grace’. After that you do seven rounds of Kabbah start the tawaf from “Hajra Aswat”. Do your finger toward to Hajra Aswat and say” Bismillah e Allah O Akbar”. If you can’t see the “ Hajra Aswat” just start the tawaf with green light which is just in front of “ Hajra Aswat”. In the last corner of Tawafe when you pass from Rukn e Yamani recite “Rabbanna Aatina Fid Dunya Hasanah Wa Fil Akhirate Hasanah Wa Qina Azaban Naar” First three round must be completed fast for men it’s called “Ramal” other four rounds walking on normal pace. After the seven Round of Tawaf you can go behind of Muqam e “Ibrahim A.S”. Ofent the two reqaat for Nawafil. After that go to ZamZam tap and drink ZamZam that’s the end of Tawaf. After the Tawaf cover the both shoulders with Ahram. Then you have to go towards Safa Marwaah.


We walk Safa to Marwah four times and Marwah to safa three times. Move to hill top of Safa and face towards Kabbah. After that say “Allah o Akbar” three time and come down from the mount of Safa . Run or walk fast towards the Marwah mount. When moving toward mount of Marwah recite “Subahan-Allah Wal-Hamdu-Lillahi Wa La Ilaha Ill-Allah Wa-Allahu Akbar Wa La Haula Wa La Quwwata illa-bilia”. Mens run between the green pillars but women’s walk normal. You repeat these steps seven times. After the completion of seven steps you can shave the head or cut the hair. After that you can open ahram.

Jazak Allah Khair